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GlycoCarn – Valuable to Cardiovascular Health

GlycoCarn®, USP positively supports cardiovascular health through the improvement of blood flow and nitric oxide retention, facilitation of cellular energy metabolism and through an increase in heart muscle viability.

GlycoCarn Assists Nitric Oxide Retention

Nitric oxide production naturally occurs within the human body and is a vital part of cardiovascular health. Nitric oxide provides a number of benefits including the improvement of elasticity in blood vessels. As we age, a build-up of cholesterol-based plaques accumulates in the blood vessels, hardening the vascular walls. The process, called arterosclerosis, inhibits blood flow, causing added stress to the heart. Nitric oxide plays an important preventative role in atherosclerosis.

GlycoCarn as a Nitric Oxide Booster

GlycoCarn, USP, particularly when combined with diet and exercise, has been shown to act as a nitric oxide booster. It increases nitric oxide levels in the blood, thereby aiding in maintaining the elasticity of the human vascular system and increasing blood flow to muscles and vital organs of the body, including the heart.

Increases in nitric oxide retention have also been shown to aid in cellular energy production, essential to facilitating the high metabolic rate of the heart and the body’s total musculature.

GlycoCarn has a number of benefits to the cardiovascular system as well as to the body as a whole. New health benefits continue to be discovered as funded research with this compound is presently ongoing at universities throughout the United States.

Look for GlycoCarn, the nitric oxide booster that plays a significant role in cardiovascular health. Contact us to learn how to enhance your existing supplement with our powerful formulation.




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