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FAQ’s - GlycoCarn® in Muscle Recovery Supplements

What are the benefits of GlycoCarn

GlycoCarn® is the only ingredient proven to increase nitric oxide levels in the human bloodstream. It’s used in a number of the best nitric oxide supplements available including muscle recovery supplements. GlycoCarn has been shown to offer the following benefits:

  • Provide bodybuilding nutrition
  • Increase blood flow
  • Increase cellular energy
  • Improve fatty acid and carbohydrate metabolism in the cell’s mitochondria
  • Reduce muscle tissue damage
  • Increase removal of toxins such as lactic acid
  • Improve muscle recovery capacity
  • Improve circulation

How does GlycoCarn brand of GPLC work?

Glycine propionyl-L-carnitine hydrocholoride appears to increase cellular L-carnitine concentrations in active muscle fibers, which may support an increase in muscle-cell energy production (ATP energy) due to a heightened flow of pyruvate into the Kreb’s cycle.  In addition, studies indicate that GlycoCarn raises the nitric oxide levels in humans, which assist in energy production, bodybuilding nutrition, and metabolic waste detoxification.

(See the science section of this website for more information).

Are there side effects to GlycoCarn?

There are no known side effects to GlycoCarn, but as with any supplementation, individuals should seek advice of your doctor prior to altering their dietary and exercise regimens.

What is the difference between GlycoCarn and other forms of GPLC?

Sigma-Tau HealthScience brings over 30 years of research and scientific expertise in L-Carnitines and their effect on metabolism and mitochondiral functions to its patented, USP safe, pharmaceutical grade and clinically proven formula of GPLC.

Is GlycoCarn safe for athletes?

GlycoCarn is certified USP safe and is approved, in its raw material, safe from substances banned in sports. GlycoCarn recommends using only end-products that are batch screened regularly by Informed Choice for these banned substances to ensure athletes remain free from sports banned substance contamination.

Is GlycoCarn a better choice for libido enhancement than pharmaceuticals?

As with any supplement or medicine, individuals should consult their doctors first before taking.  Unlike some popular pharmaceutical libido enhancers, GlycoCarn (GPLC) does not conflict with nitrates or alpha-blockers such as Flomax, Hytrin, or Cardura in the system.

Only your doctor can help you make the right choice.

Where can I find GlycoCarn?

GlycoCarn is a raw material produced by Sigma-Tau HealthScience for supplement manufacturers.  End products vary from tablets and powders to caplets, liquids and bars.

Manufacturers using GlycoCarn brand of GPLC will indicate so on the label.  Not all GPLC is GlycoCarn.  A listing of products appears on this website.

Look for GlycoCarn, the nitric oxide booster that assists muscle recovery. Contact us to learn how to enhance your existing supplement with our powerful formulation.



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